Hi James



Below is a rough idea for what might suit your wife's birthday evening on the 13th February.



Butterbean hummus with crudites

Mini sausage rolls / Feta and sweet potato rolls

smoked salmon pate with crackers

Stichilton (amazing stilton cheese) with grapes on cocktail sticks.

(The sausage rolls would involve a blast in the oven)


Mushroom lasagna with porcini , fresh herbs and three cheeses- served with a green bean and caper and tarragon side salad

Rich pork meat sauce for a meat lasagne - suitable for children. Served with a Pop up cafe version of garlic bread on our homemade sourdough.

(lasagne ticks a lot of boxes being able to warm easily in the oven and meat eaters can have)

Desserts - a choice of either:

Tartine chocolate brownie with homemade vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce -


Lemon drizzle cake with raspberry compote and creme fraiche. I’m not sure I have cake tins for 50 shape without charging extra but can make it celebratory- - icing with 50 on.

I am unavailable to serve food on the evening but may be able to arrange a staff member to help with serving canapes, warming food, serving ,plating and washing up Pop up crockery. Would this interest you?

Catering for 12 adults and 6 children:

£330 - including VAT amounts to £371. This price does not include a staff member at your house of £20/hour