Special dietary requirements
Allergies and intolerances

Because we make the food we serve from scratch we have great control over what goes into it. Please speak to us about your needs and always advise us before ordering.

We deal with a range of ingredients and therefore are unable to guarantee that an item is 100% free of nuts.

Gluten - we make a number of cakes without using wheat flour and
Whilst we take special precautions to keep gluten out of the dishes that don't have any gluten containing ingredients we are aware that we cannot guarantee that there will be no trace of gluten in products we make in the same kitchen that we make wheat based bread in. We are aware that items such as oats often contain gluten due to the fact they are produced in the same place as wheat is processed despite not containing gluten itself.
We'd also like to encourage those with a mild intolerance to try our bread. We believe that the ingredients and processes we use make our bread far easier to digest than shop bought breads. Organic flours, no additives, natural yeasts and long fermentation times.

Meat - in 2016 we are under taking a programme to fulfil our responsibility to source meat in an way we believe is ethical
We think animals should be treated with respect and that carefully reared cattle produce tastier meat.

Vegetarians - vegans
We support people in there choice of diet. We also think vegetables are awesome. It's our aim to move away from using animal based products. 

We are always interested to hear form people with special requirements - they tend to know a great deal more than us on how to best cook items free from the things they have to avoid. New constraints force invention and can lead to new ideas. Items that are free from something should never be so at the expense of flavour/texture. They should be delicious first and free-from second.

Recent legislation requires us to highlight the possible inclusion of the following
Celery, Gluten (including cereals), Crustacians, Eggs, Fish, Lupin, Mustard, Nuts, Peanuts, Seasame, Soya, Sulphur dioxide.

Please always let staff know if you have allergies!